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INTEKON: The Integrated Performance Management Solution
The challenge of every enterprise is to satisfy the customer with quality production and delivery at minimal cost. Meeting the challenge requires intelligent management of scores of performance factors. Success depends on constant management of key measurements - from supplier quality data and product specifications, to production tests, finished product measurements, and order results. Every production team needs the support of an integrated performance management system. INTEKON is the solution.
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Following industry integration standards, INTEKON is the proven "hub and spoke" system that organizes the data in the chain of production, quality, and cost measurements in meaningful context, and provides standards-based connections to distributed enterprise and departmental applications. Interconnecting data streams from many sites and diverse systems, INTEKON creates a unified "system of record" for operating measurements, standards, and attributes, and serves users the detail and aggregate views of current and historical data needed for decision support and performance management on demand.
The enduring value of INTEKON is proven, bringing organization, integration, and visibility to critical operating data. From the plant floor to the board room, INTEKON software serves the performance management information needs of World Class manufacturers.